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Cécile Robin joins UNLP

Cécile Robin joins the NLP Unit as a research assistant, focusing on the “Actionable Business Intelligence from Open Government Data” project in partnership with HP.

Workshop paper, Posters and a Demo accepted at ISWC'15

IESD Workshop paper:
TITLE: Insights into Entity Recommendation in Web Search
AUTHORS: Nitish Aggarwal, Peter Mika, Roi Blanco and Paul Buitelaar

ISWC Posters:
Title: Leveraging Wikipedia Knowledge for Entity Recommendations
Authors: Nitish Aggarwal, Peter Mika, Roi Blanco and Paul Buitelaar

Title: Medical Concept Resolution
Authors: Nitish Aggarwal, Ken Barker and Chris Welty

Title: Top-N Books Recommendation Using Wikipedia
Authors: Nitish Aggarwal, Kartik Asooja, Jyoti Jha and Paul Buitelaar

ISWC Demo:
Title: OTTO — Ontology Translation System
Authors: Mihael Arcan, Kartik Assoja, Housam Ziad and Paul Buitelaar

New Member

Dr. John McCrae joined the NLP unit as a research fellow. He will be mainly involved in the Irish times project.

Conference paper accepted at EMNLP2015

Title: Towards the Extraction of Customer to Customer Suggestions in Reviews

Authors: Sapna Negi and Paul Buitelaar

Venue: Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP), September 17–21, 2015, Lisbon, Portugal