Standards & Working Groups

  1. World Wide Consortium (W3C) – Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group: The mission of the Semantic Web Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group part of the Semantic Web Activity is to develop advocate for and support the use of Semantic Web technologies for biological science translational medicine and health care. These domains stand to gain tremendous benefit by adoption of Semantic Web technologies as they depend on the interoperability of information from many domains and processes for efficient decision support. The SeLS participation in this group is aimed at developing document use cases and tools to aid individuals in understanding the business and technical benefits of using Semantic Web technologies.
  2. Health Level Seven (HL7) – OWL – Health Level Seven (HL7) – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR): The SeLs participation in HL7-OWL & FHIR has a strategic importance in the future implementations of the healthcare systems using Semantic Web/Linked Data technologies. In the near future healthcare companies and government institutes would be able to use the semantic web enabled HL7 standard artefacts in their data integration/management frameworks.
  3. Global Alliance for Genomic and Health: Realizing a personalized medicine is a collective goal of all the healthcare stakeholders, especially the pharmaceuticals companies. The SeLs participation in the Global Alliance is targeted towards using the data analytics technologies as a core part of delivering a personalized medicine, providing key information for translational medicine and clinical care.