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Waternomics Final Event

The Waternomics team is happy to present the project final event dedicated to showcase the technology developed within the project, to present the technical achievements of the different partners and to show the final results and impact of Waternomics project.

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Session Topic Time Presentation – Theme
09:00 Welcome and Registration
09:30 Welcome + Waternomics Overview
09:40 Waternomics Key Impacts for Smart Water Management
09:50 Water Conservation in Galway by Galway City Council and Irish Water
10:10 Coffee Break
Waternomics Showcase
10:30 Waternomics: Listening to Water Pipes
10:45 Waternomics: Shazam that Water Leak! (Sensors and Faults)
11:05 Waternomics: Making Sense of Water Data
11:25 Waternomics Applications Platform: Water apps for everyone
11:40 Waternomics: Methodology
12:00 Panel: Open discussion on Technology-related challenges
12:20 Lunch Break + Demos
Pilot Impacts
13:05 Tour of the building and live demos
13:35 Waternomics: Pilot Overview
13:55 Panel: Pilot Experiences
14:15 Coffee Break
Uptake of ICT4Water Technology
14:35 Waternomics: Business Models and Exploitation
14:55 Water Technology in Developing World
15:15 Presentation from an ICT4Water Project: WISDOM
15:35 Key Technologies for Smart Cities
15:55 Panel: Business Models for ICT4Water
16:15 Closing

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The registration is free but places are limited, so registration via Eventbrite is required.


Altantec’16 Festival

The AtlanTec Festival is a celebration of Galway’s diverse technology culture. It will consists of a several of technology related events, targeting diverse industry professionals, community groups and those in education.

The Atlantec Festival will showcase technological advancements in Galway while simultaneously promoting the West of Ireland as a technology hub, fostering innovation and collaboration.

The event runs from May 16–29 2016 and will be held in a variety of prestigious locations in Galway including NUIG, GMIT and some of the top locally-based technology companies.

For more details about Altantec’16 Festival visit Atlantec