Project: Sustaining & Innovating Smart Cities- Sustainability

Description: Significant benefits can accrue to cities and their occupants from the effective use of technology to manage resources, infrastructure, services and information more effectively. However, it has proved very challenging to move beyond pilot implementations and trials due to the complexity of modern cities. In particular, there is no clear model for how different and heterogeneous systems, organisations, services and people might interact, particularly in ways that change over time. This project looks at various aspects of such models, in relation to sustainability, competitiveness and widespread sensor deployment.

The Urban Sustainability Ecosystem work package aims to help city managers to address the challenges with designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating a Smart City Sustainability Ecosystem (SCSE). The research focuses on the technical challenges with delivering the necessary infrastructure, services, and data to support sustainability models that assist city stakeholders and “Things” (buildings, campuses, neighbourhoods, industrial parks, etc.) within a City to identify and quantify the environmental impacts and benefits of their activities. The work package looks at the sustainability impact of open data, Internet of Things, and real-time event processing within smart city environments.

Our Role: Work Package Leader- Urban Sustainability Ecosystem

Industry Partner: Dell

Details of Grant: This work is supported with the financial support of the Science Foundation Ireland grant 13/RC/2094 and co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund through the Southern & Eastern Regional Operational Programme to Lero – the Irish Software Research Centre (www.lero.ie)