25 key people influencing the Internet of Things 2015

Irish and Ireland-based leaders, scientists and technologists are putting the country on the global map in terms of the internet of things (IoT) revolution.

22. Dr Martin Serrano, Insight Centre for Data Analytics (NUI Galway)

One of the foremost minds around the Internet of Things in Ireland, Dr Martin Serrano is an NUI Galway adjunct lecturer and scientific co-ordinator at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics.

At NUI Galway, the research centre investigates the convergence of software systems, the semantic web, the evolution of sensor technologies and unifying the physical and virtual worlds.

Dr. Serrano has defined the Internet of Things Stack that has been used and influenced multiple reference architectures around the globe, the “Internet of Things is more than only connected devices” published by the IEEE Association describes the IoT Stack model.

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