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IEEE ComSoc – IoT Experimentation Chapter General Chair 2017

IEEE Communications Society IoT Emerging Technologies Subcommittee

Dr. Martin Serrano has been elected IEEE ComSoc IoT Experimentation Chapter General  chair of the IEEE Communications Society at the Internet of Things Emerging Technical Subcommittee.

Dr. Serrano is an ICT expert and Data Scientist with more than 15 years experience in industry and applied research and with track record of high impact scientific contributions/publications. He is also an innovator with a wide range of successful coordination and participation on European collaborative projects (IST-Context, IST-AutoI, ICT-OpenIoT, ICT-H2020 Vital-IoT, ICT-H2020 BIG-IoT, H2020 ACTIVAGE-LSP), and also Ireland-based National research projects (HEA PRTLI, SFI) and Enterprise Ireland (EI) industry solutions-focus and product-driven innovation projects.

Smart Cities and Insight’s Dr Martin Serrano in the Irish Times 2016

Smart Cities and Insight’s Dr Martin Serrano in the Irish Times

Dr Martin Serrano of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at NUI Galway researches these technologies. He says that one smart city can be very different from another. “Smart cities are different depending on the city’s needs,” he says.

“Galway has priorities in tourism and transport, whereas Cork needs solutions in flood prevention and health. Smart technologies are all about improving quality of life for citizens, but that means different things in different places.”

Ireland lags behind when it comes to implementing smart technologies, but Serrano believes we are flexible enough to leapfrog ahead.

25 key people influencing the Internet of Things 2015

Irish and Ireland-based leaders, scientists and technologists are putting the country on the global map in terms of the internet of things (IoT) revolution.

22. Dr Martin Serrano, Insight Centre for Data Analytics (NUI Galway)

One of the foremost minds around the Internet of Things in Ireland, Dr Martin Serrano is an NUI Galway adjunct lecturer and scientific co-ordinator at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics.

At NUI Galway, the research centre investigates the convergence of software systems, the semantic web, the evolution of sensor technologies and unifying the physical and virtual worlds.

Dr. Serrano has defined the Internet of Things Stack that has been used and influenced multiple reference architectures around the globe, the “Internet of Things is more than only connected devices” published by the IEEE Association describes the IoT Stack model.

NUIGalway-Insight Team Awarded at MIT Hackaton 2014

2014 IoT-Conference Hackaton in MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts USA, a team of developers, Software Designers and Architect solution presented “Market-Things” an OpenIoT-based solution aiming to solve the most challenging problem in marketing, Increase the Efficiency on Announcing Products, by using IoT connected devices “things” a personal IoT device make the networking part by you and at the end when there is common interest the Devices put you in contact with the correct person to talk about business.

Best Practices and Success Stories in Smart Cities 2014

The Kingdom of Bahrain conducts a world-wide competition every two years to develop smart city solutions that can change the live of the citizens in middle east countries. Best Practices and Success Stories in Smart Cities around the globe are pre-selected and invited to present in this world-wide visible event. Vital-OS, the operating system for Smart Cities reference implementation  has been selected this year and recognised as one of the world lead examples for Smart City Data and Systems integration.

OpenIoT “Rookie of the Year” by Blackduck Software Co. 2013

OpenIoT is an open source middleware for getting information from sensor clouds, without having to worry about what exact sensors are used. OpenIoT  have been awarded by Blackduck Software Co. a USA company based in Massachusetts, MA as the open source rookie of the year, a big achievement for the European Union influencing the world-wide development on Io technology. The full team of developers and project partner participants are committed to make the OpenIoT platforms open and free always.