Research Projects

SFI-Insight SW2 Program

Insight is one of the biggest data analytics centres in Europe. It undertakes high-impact research, seeks to derive value from Big Data and provides innovative technology solutions for industry and society by enabling better decision-making. Insight’s objective is to Innovative data solutions including the use of data to:

  • Develop products and services based on matching users’ short- and long-term needs to a real-time picture of information and opportunities
  • Understand customer behaviour to increase customer satisfaction, experience and loyalty
  • Drive recommendations and support decision making
  • Find optimal solutions to complex problems
  • Automate business processes

Linked Sensor Middleware
The Linked Sensor Middleware (LSM) brings together the live real world sensed data and the Semantic Web. LSM provides many functionalities such as: i) wrappers for real time data collection and publishing; ii) a web interface for data annotation and visualisation; and iii) a SPARQL endpoint for querying unified Linked Stream Data and Linked Data.

Open Data – RDF – Middleware – Query Processing

Super Stream Collider
The SSC is a deployment of a middleware for provisioning of distributed computing systems with capabilities to support live data processing services will greatly benefit from a cloud-based intelligent middleware platform, which could enable that data services can be deployed over multiple infrastructure providers in order to deliver on-demand access to smart services.

Data Integration – Semantic Interoperability – Intelligent Solutions

Continuous Query Evaluation over Linked Data
The CQELS is an engine for processing Linked data stream and Linked data. CQELS has an RDF native and adaptive approach, which gives it a performance advantage over other semantic stream engines and support Complex Event Processing and RDFS reasoning.

RDF Data – Stream Processing – Data Query

The Graph of Things
The GoT is a unified integrated and live view for heterogeneous IoT data sources using Linked Data. GoT is backed by a scalable and elastic software stack to deal with billion records of historical and static datasets in conjunction with millions of triples being fetched and enriched to connect the GoT per hour at realtime.

Open Data – Federated Information – Analytics

Semantic Interoperability Graph 
SEG 3.0
A set of Online Interoperability services for semantic validation using SEG 3.0 model. This web site offers live web-services over IoT Data Sets as a demonstrator on how SEG 3.0 Methodology is used across testbeds/experiments.

Data modelling – Semantic Interoperability – Semantic Validation

ExpertO is an approach to Support Collaboration and Social Communication in a Work relatedEnvironment using Recommendation Techniques Social Networks, Smart Solutions and Semantic Annotation

Social Networks, Smart Solutions and Semantic Annotation

MODDIS is a Middleware for Open Data Deployment and Interoperability Services using Sensor Data from the Insight Smart Building and doing analytics and visualising the result using a friendly-user graphic Interface.

Smart City – Smart Building – Sensor Networks – Motes

Industrial Internet of Things
Industrial IoT (IIoT) is a demonstrator for integration of industrial data from the retail, logistics and manufacturing sector using semantics and the sandbox approach for data interoperability.

Smart Manufacturing – Industry 4.0 – Smart Logistics – Sandbox

Internet of Robotic Things
The IoRT project is a first approach for enabling the robotics area with semantics, an approach to formalise the vocabularies and create a taxonomy for robots in the context of Internet of Things applications like Smart City Navigation, Goods Delivery and City Patrolling.

Smart Cities – Living Labs – Experimentation as a Service – Testbeds

Fog of Things
The paradigm of Fog of Things (FoT) is the new design and development of a self-organising platform called SOFT-IoT: Self-organising Fog of Things for distribute processing capacity and service delivery operations  in “small servers”, i.e., close to where data is collected.

Edge Devices – Smart Devices – Edge Computing

Galway Engine Neural Network Intelligence

An approach for Intelligent Assistant Robots that relies at the convergence of Neural networks Intelligence and Programming Systems and Control with the semantic web technologies enabling the Interaction with in a more autonomous and natural way.

Artificial Intelligence – Neural Networks – Data API’s

OpenIoT Super
OpenIoT Super is an extension towards platform as a Service, where data and cloud computing services are enabled to allow access to public API’s and increasingly deliver IoT based resources and capabilities.

Smart City Services – City Services – Distributed Data

Applied (RIA and IA) Projects

European Commission FP7 Program

The world-wide known Open Source middleware supporting flexible configuration and deployment of algorithms for collection, and filtering information streams stemming from the internet-connected objects, while at the same time generating and processing important business/ applications events. OpenIoT  has been awarded “rookie of the year” by blackduck software company located at Ma. USA as the best open source project in IoT.

Smart Building – Smart Campus – Smart Citizen – Smart Manufacturing

European Commission
H2020 Program

The Super Stream Collider (SSC) middleware platform, developed by researchers at UIoT NUIGalway, is the world’s largest and fastest Linked Data Stream platform. In the context of this Fed4FIRE-SSC experiment, we aim for testing the full stack service capability to process collected sensor data and to provide data streams in the form of easy-configurable data services and by means of an easy-to-use friendly and programming-free end user interface.

Connected Data Streams – Smart Web – Federated Infrastructures

European Commission
H2020 Program

VITAL-OS is an ambitious R&D program to develop a prototype application platform that revolutionise real-time, location-based provision of goods and IoT services in future smart cities, by integrating and interacting with a multitude of different Internet of Things data sources and systems.

Smart City – Connected Cities – Smart Citizen – Open Agile Smart Cities

European Commission
H2020 Program



FIESTA-IoT provides a Blueprint Experimental Infrastructure for Heterogeneous IoT Technologies. FIESTA-IoT provides tools, techniques, processes and best practices enabling IoT testbed/platforms operators to interconnect their facilities in an interoperable way based upon cutting edge semantics-based solutions.

Smart Cities – Living Labs – Experimentation as a Service – Testbeds

European Commission
H2020 Program



The BIG IoT project (abbr.: Bridging the Interoperability Gap of the IoT) aims at enabling the emergence of cross- standard, cross-platform, and cross-domain IoT services and applications towards an open and vibrant IoT ecosystem.

Smart Cities – Data Marketplace – Pilots – IoT-EPI

European Commission
H2020-LSP Program

The ACTIVAGE large scale pilot is a project for enabling IoT technology for Active and healthy Ageing societies with  mayor focus on wellbeing and the preservation of quality of life. ACTIVAGE driver is the creation of the AHA-IoT ecosystem by using legacy IoT technology and expanding the use of IoT technology in society for healthy ageing.

Smart City Services – User-Centric – Ecosystems – Active and Healthy Ageing

Industrial Collaboration Projects

Industry SFI-Innovation Program

B&B Electronics


Semantics in the Box for B&B Electronics products line. B+B SmartWorx designs, builds, and delivers connectivity and communication solutions optimized for an ever-expanding range of applications.

Smart Cities – Smart Agriculture – Living Labs

Alliance for the Internet of Things Innovation  (AIOTI) H2020-LSP Program

The CREATE-IoT project (abbr.: CRoss fErtilisation through AlignmenT, synchronisation and Exchanges for IoT) brings together 18 partners from 10 European countries. The objectives are to stimulate collaboration between IoT initiatives, foster the take up of IoT in Europe and support the development and growth of IoT ecosystems based on open technologies and platforms.

Smart City Services – User-Centric – Ecosystems – Active and Healthy Ageing