Brian Davis

I graduated in 2001 with an Honours B.Sc in Computational Linguistics and German from Dublin City University. After receiving an M.Sc. in Computer Science by Research from Trinity College Dublin in 2003, I worked as a Software Engineer at Sun Microsystems Ireland for 2 years. I joined DERI in 2006 as a Language Engineer attached to the Lion/Nepomuk projects from 2006-2009. I am currently a PhD student in the Unit for Semantic Collaborative Systems (USCS) under the supervision of Dr. Siegfried Handschuh and Prof. Hamish Cunningham (Sheffield NLP group). My PhD work focuses on language technology interfaces for the creation, acquisition and access of knowledge on the Semantic Desktop – specifically Controlled Natural Languages for ontology authoring and semantic annotation as well Natural Language Generation(NLG). I have a good knowledge of the GATE(General Architecture for Text Engineering) framework and Ontology based Information Extraction(OBIE). I am also an IBM Dublin CAS Faculty Fellow.