Cedric Beuzit

I am a Research Assistant working for both the NLP unit and the newly-established HCI unit at DERI, since November 2012.

From March to September 2012, I was already doing my master’s degree internship in the NLP unit, and was working on the redesign and the rewrite of Saffron with Dr. Krystian Samp. I am still working mostly on Saffron, especially on HCI issues (browsing experience, visualizations, …) and may also be involved into other side-projects.

From the broad point of view, I am interested in the meaning of things (like words, concepts, contexts, or even the more basic data such as shapes and colours) and building stuffs (that make sense). Being at the cross road between NLP and HCI is then perfect to me, because it is all about grasping how do we understand the world and using those information to design usable usefulnesses.

I studied electronics first, at CFAI Descartes (Montepllier, France) and computer science for robotics at IUT Clermont I (Clermont-Ferrand, France). After a few years of work, I finally got back to college to study computer science and cognitive science at University of Lorraine (Nancy, France) in order to graduate for a Licence ISC (BSc Computer and Cognitive Sciences) and for a Master SCA(MSc Applied Cognitive Science).

I have some work experience as technician (electronics, computer and computer networks), as a technical writer / graphic artist (in the domain of automation), and as a freelance editor for a generalist search engine.

I have some coding experience in ASM, C, Java, Tcl, PHP, BASIC, and my main tools nowadays are Python and Javascript.