Diego Moussallem

 Adrian Ó Dubhghaill I am a visiting student in the unit for Natural Language Processing (UNLP) @ Insight in NUI Galway. I am currently working on applying Semantic Web technologies, i.e., Knowledge Graphs along with ontologies to the Neural Machine Translation models for improving the terminology and entity translations. I am working under the supervision of Dr. Mihael Arcan.
I’m a native from Brazil (in Rio de Janeiro). I have been living in Germany since 2015, where I pursue a Ph.D. degree at Leipzig University. I hold my bachelor in Information Systems at UVA (Veiga de Almeida University) in 2011. I was awarded a Master of Science in Machine Translation at IME (Military Institute of Engineering) in 2014, Brazil. My main research topics are Natural Language Processing (Entity Linking, Natural Language Generation, and Translation) and Semantic Web.