Hammad Afzal

I am working as a Research Internee at DERI under supervision of Paul Buielaar. My work is focused on development of methods for the semi/automatic generation of multilingual lexicons for domain ontologies, exploiting web-based and language resources. The work is being carried out in the context of an ongoing research cooperation with the Delft University of Technology, Karlsruhe University and DFKI on the definition and implementation of ‘lexicalized ontologies’ according to the LexInfo model:http://ontoware.org/projects/lexonto/

I am originally from University of Manchester, where I have recently (Dec, 2009) finished my PhD. I have been working with Goran Nenadic, based in School of Computer Science, University of Manchester UK. I am part of GN TEAM, working to automate the process of Semantic Service Descriptions (of Web resources) by applying (existing and newly developed) NLP techniques on the large amount of relevant literature available online (journal papers, conference proceedings, mailing group discussions), aiming to make these resources readily available for discovery. I have also been guided by Dr Robert Stevens during the course of my PhD.

My research during my stay in Manchester

Previously, I have done MSc in Computing Science,from University of Manchester in Sep, 2005. I graduated with BEng Software Engineering from National University of Sciences and Technology NUST, Pakistan in June 2003

Other Collaborations : NACTEM

My Online Home at Manchester . You can also contact me by email.