Hasti Ziaimatin

Hasti is currently studying for a PhD in Computer Science at The University of Queensland, Australia under the supervision of Dr. Tudor Groza and Prof. Jane Hunter. Hasti’s PhD thesis is focused on modeling and capturing expertise from fine-grained micro-contributions made to evolving knowledge. In the context of the Skeletome project, a community-driven knowledge curation platform for the Skeletal Dysplasia domain, she will focus on combining ontologies, Linked Data, information retrieval and collaboration aspects to enable novel ways of curating knowledge in the skeletal dysplasia domain. Furthermore, Hasti is interested in acquiring the provenance of knowledge contributed by the community of experts and modeling the expertise of the contributors. In this case, the innovation comes from using fine-grained micro-contributions in the context of living documents for building the expertise profile, rather than whole static documents / publications.
Hasti received her Bachelor of Information Systems from The University of Auckland, New Zealand, with excellent grades and was awarded a senior prize in Information Systems for achieving the best results in advanced computer papers. Hasti has over ten years of extensive work experience as a Senior Software Engineer, specialising in Java, web application development and J2EE technologies, analysis, design, development and implementation of complex software systems and latest computer technologies.