Kartik Asooja

katPhotoResearch Assistant

My research interests lie at the confluence of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Distributional Semantics, Distributed Representations of Text, Text Classification, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Semantic Web.

I am primarily working on text classification and distributional semantics. In this context, I am also writing a Java based Neural Networks lib  to learn and experiment with different types of NN based architectures for text classification, and to play with distributed representations of text. I also implemented a Lucene based Cross Lingual Explicit Semantic Analysis (CL-ESA) implementation for computing cross lingual and multilingual text relatedness.

Before joining Insight, I did a Masters in Artificial Intelligence from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM), Madrid, Spain. During my Masters, I also worked as a research assistant at the Ontology Engineering group at UPM, Madrid.

Email: kartik.asooja@insight-centre.org                          Other Profiles: Google Scholar / Linkedin

Projects: GRCTC