Knud Möller

I’m a post-doctoral researcher at DERI, currently jointly working with Dr. Siegfried Handschuh (UNSCS) and Dr. Paul Buitelaar(UNLP). My PhD thesis, supervised by Dr. Handschuh, explored the topic of “Lifecycle Support for Data on the Semantic Web”, proposing a new, generic lifecycle model for data-centric systems and domains, which was then applied to the Semantic Web. The different phases and aspects of the model have been presented in detail, in the context of several application prototypes and scenarios. My current research interests center around the modelling and application of linked data, and the application of Semantic Web technologies in the context of digital humanities.

One of my main projects during my time at DERI was a linked data platform for conference metadata: SWDF.

Before joining DERI in 2004, I finished an MA degree in Computational Linguistics, English and Scandinavian Languages at theUniversität zu Köln, Germany, and also spent 18 months studying general and computational linguistics at the Universitetet in Bergen, Norway. My master thesis dealt with the application of the Topic Map paradigm to formal linguistic knowledge.

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