Krystian Samp

I’m a post-doctoral researcher at DERI working in the Natural Language Processing unit and leading the newly established Human-Computer Interaction unit.

My main research interests are Interaction Design, Graphical User Interfaces, Exploratory Search, Visual Communication, Evaluation, and NLP. I’m interested in the cross-section between HCI and NLP – e.g., how NLP can facilitate and enrich information search, exploration, filtering, and how it can augment human intellect when coping with staggering amount of information. I’m also interested in understanding the nature of human-computer communication/dialogue employing visual elements and user actions based on partial understanding. My main focus is on the Web environment and solutions that bring real-world value proposition.

I published at CHI, AVI, INTERACT, EKAW and reviewed for CHI, DIS, and MobileCHI. I’ve been involved in large SFI and EI funded research projects but also in smaller applied research projects involving industry partners and start-ups. Apart from scientific publications the outcomes of my work include US/EU patents on graphical interfaces, commercial licenses issued through the local Technology Transfer Office, and online applications being used by thousands of users every month.