Michael Lydon

I recently completed a four year undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Arts with Irish Studies, in which my subjects were English, Celtic Civilisation and specialising in Irish Studies. As part of this degree, I wrote an extensive research paper on the ethnographic fieldwork of Alan Lomax, called “Lomax in Ireland: Fieldwork, Commercial Recordings and the “Great Rememberers””, which is currently housed at The American Folklife Centre at the American Library of Congress. I am currently also preparing to give a lecture on Lomax at the Séamus Ennis Centre in Dublin, as part of Gathering Ireland 2013. In September this year, I will begin a two year MA, Music, Culture and Politics, at the Cardiff school of Music. Furthermore, I am a member of The International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM), hold a level six Diploma in Irish Music Studies, and have extensive experience in the music business; having managed a record company for four years.