Srdjan Prodanovic

I am a Research Intern in DERI at the UNLP group led by Paul Buitelaar.

I received my bachelor degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia with the specialization for Computer Science where I did my bachelor thesis – “Semantic Web Services”which addressed evaluation of advantages of SWS over traditional WS in domain-independent tasks. I have worked in the software industry in Belgrade for 3 years, and one of the projects I worked on involved keyword expansion system for online advertising management. In 2009 I started a master program in Erasmus Mundus Language and Communication Technology at the University of Malta. I am currently between my first year which was at University of Malta, and my second year in Charles University in Prague. In 2010 I coauthored a paper “POPULATION AND ENRICHMENT OF EVENT ONTOLOGY USING TWITTER” [1] along with which I implemented a system that performed automatic population and enrichment of ontology using Twitter as a source.

My key interests areas are Machine Translation and Semantic Web Technology. From July to October I am a member of the MONNET (Multilingual Ontologies for Networked Knowledge) where I am contributing to corpora analysis for an enhanced Machine Translation process.

[1] Population and Enrichment of Event Ontology using Twitter:
Shashi Narayan, Srdjan Prodanovic, Zoë Bogart and Mohammad Fazleh Elahi, Srdjan Prodanovic, Zoë Bogart and Mohammad Fazleh Elahi, pdf, bibtex