C├ęcile Robin


I am a research associate at Insight@NUIG, working in the Unit for Natural Language Processing (UNLP) under the lead of Dr. Paul Buitelaar. I am responsible for the management and applications of Insight’s topic extraction and taxonomy generation tool Saffron. I was recently working on the management of the EU project MixedEmotions on emotion detection, which successfully completed in May 2017. I also helped in building a system for definition extraction out of legal texts using a mixture of automatic NLP tools and symbolic methods for a project with the GRCTC of Cork. I was one of the local organizers for the first LDK conference 2017, held in Galway in June 2017.

I have a background in Natural Language Processing, with a BSc. in Computer Science and Linguistics from Lyon 2 University (France, 2011) and a MSc. in Natural Language Processing from Stendhal University (Grenoble, France, 2013). Thesis : Transforming French shallow dependencies into a Stanford-based dependency set adapted to French language

Before joining Insight, I worked for 3 years in a company in France. During that period, I worked on a few European research projects such as “SAUGE” ” where I helped developing a CV parser enriched with ontologies, or “TIER” in the epidemic risks detection from WHO reports. I also worked on projects for private companies (Orange, SFR, Euromaster, etc.) for customer relationship management, which involved information extraction, sentiment analysis and automatic classification of customer reviews.

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Contact : cecile.robin@insight-centre.org