Housam Ziad

housam-ziad-researcher I am a Research Associate at Insight @ NUIG. I am working in the Unit for Natural Language Processing (UNLP) under the supervision of Dr. Paul Buitelaar, working mainly on data and knowledge visualisation in the context of several projects [1], designing and developing user interfaces for knowledge presentation, exploration and discovery.

[1] The projects are concerned with the application and extension of our text mining platform Saffron (http://saffron.insight-centre.org/) to a variety of use cases, including eCommerce and news editing.

  • Development of front-end services enabling knowledge navigation, by use of text mining and Linked Data based technologies such as topic extraction, taxonomy generation, entity linking, and sentiment analysis.
  • Assisting in experiments at understanding usability and user behaviour with Saffron and other relevant tools and prototypes.
  • Applying technologies related to Data Visualization, web-based knowledge presentation, exploration and discovery, Semantic Web, and Linked Data.
  • Designing and architecture of software prototypes for data and knowledge visualization.
  • UI/UX and Human-computer interaction.
  • Software development (Python, PHP, Java)
  • Web applications development using modern frameworks like NodeJS.
  • Expert with JavaScript/HTML/CSS, front-end frameworks (AngularJS, jQuery, and Twitter Bootstrap), SVG and HTML5 Canvas.
  • Database technologies like SQL and NoSQL.
  • Familiar with D3 JS and Google Web Toolkit.
  • Master's degree in Software Engineering and Database Technologies (MSCSED) from NUI Galway, Ireland.
  • BA in Linguistics and Literature from Damascus University, Syria.