GOTO – Insight Government Tender Opportunities Project

This project aims to deliver a repository of relevant UK government open data & develop a proof-of-concept Text Analytics driven Business Intelligence solution for HP to discover hidden or missed opportunities in publicly available Open Government Information and Data. The solution will provide HP with quantitative information on: 1) the number and size of “relevant” tenders in general, 2) the primary opportunities identified as relevant tenders that HP could bid for (or could have bidded for) and 3) secondary opportunities identified as number relevant tenders restricted to SMEs or other categories of businesses. Users will be able to explore this information across a number of dimensions including location, time/period, service types/capabilities hierarchies etc. through a simple dashboard providing rich visualisations. Specific objectives include:

  • Identifying relevant sources of structured and unstructured open government data and integrating relevant datasets to support the “Business Opportunity Discovery and Analytics needs.
  • Carrying out automatic and semi-automatic text/data analysis on unstructured and structured data
  • Producing insights from the above analysis to identify or discover (future or missed) opportunities through appropriate visualizations