Lion2 – Enabling Networked Knowledge (funded by Science Foundation Ireland)

Besides the creation of knowledge through observation, networking of knowledge is the basic process to generate new knowledge. Networking knowledge can produce a piece of knowledge whose information value is far beyond the mere sum of the individual pieces, i.e., it creates new knowledge. With the Web we now have a foundational infrastructure in place enabling the linking of information on a global scale. Adding meaning moves the interlinked information to the knowledge level: Web Semantics = Networked Knowledge. Knowledge is the fuel of our increasingly digital service economy, which is at the basis of current and future economic productivity. For more info on the DERI view of Networked Knowledge see the white paper.

  • Lion2 Use Case on Context-Aware Information Search and Retrieval within the EnterpriseIn this use case we explore knowledge and information extraction techniques for identifying quality document subsets through context-sensitive information querying and analysis. The work will facilitate comprehensive knowledge management systems which will allow unstructured data in the form of documents to be queried, searched, retrieved, and correlated for their semantic value and relevance in task-oriented searches aiding enterprise research efforts such as those involved in legal issues, financial compliance issues and other areas where the data gathered over time is less structured and formalized.This research is carried out in close cooperation with the DERI Unit for Information Mining and Retrieval (UIMR) in the context of the DERI Semantic Information Mining stream.

The Lion2 project is supported by the Science Foundation Ireland under Grant No. SFI/08/CE/I1380