Monnet – Multilingual Ontologies for Networked Knowledge (funded by EU FP7)

The Monnet project provides a semantics-based solution for accessing information across language barriers. This is of growing importance to both industry and government, as exemplified by the Monnet use cases:

  • The SAP-XBRL use case concerns cross-lingual business intelligence on companies and financial services
  • The Be Informed use case concerns multilingual access to government services

The goals of the SAP-XBRL use case are:

  • To make financial information and business service descriptions available to be searched and queried in the language of choice of the user.
  • To enable the creation of reports that present the search and query results in the chosen language.

The goal of the Be Informed use case is:

  • To allow people to find their way through a government web site in their preferred language.

The Monnet project was funded by the European Union under FP7 ICT call 4

MONNET deliverables: