• Polylingual WordNet

    Polylingual WordNet is an extension of Princeton WordNet, which extends WordNet for 23 languages by automatic translation and is released as both OntoLex JSON-LD as well as in the Global WordNet LMF.
  • Mixed Emotions Platform

    The MixedEmotions big data platform is a software tool conceived to enable efficient processing of diverse data sources in order to identify sentiments and emotions in context.
  • Linked Open Data Cloud

    This diagram shows Linked Data datasets that have been published in Data Hub .
  • GrumpyBot

    GrumpyBot is a conversational model using deep learning encoder-decoder models.
  • Marvin

    Marvin is a dialogue system, powered by sequence-to-sequence neural networks that can have a real-time conversation with individuals. Additionally, specific machine learning classifiers monitor the conversation and predict the presence or absence of certain crucial depression symptoms.
  • saffron-1024x632Saffron – Extracting the Valuable Threads of Expertise

    Saffron provides insights in a research community or organization by analyzing its main topics of investigation and the experts associated with these topics. Saffron analysis is fully automatic and is based on text mining and linked data principles.
  • tetraTeTra – Term Translation System

    The TeTra Translation System was developed to automatically extract and translate domain-specific vocabulary from a certain document. The identified terminological expressions are extracted based on the tf-idf probability.
  • ottoOTTO – OnTology TranslatiOn System

    The OTTO Translation System was developed to enhance English monolingual ontologies (in rdf/owl) with multilingual lexical knowledge.
  • irisIRIS – English-Irish Translation System

    The IRIS Translation System was developed to translate text from English into under-resourced Irish and vice versa.
  • asistentAsistent – English-Slavic Transl. System

    The Asistent (assistant@en) Translation System was developed to translate text between English and morphological rich Slovene, Serbian and Croatian language.
  • Smartie – The Irish Times Smart Insight Extractor

    The Irish Times Smart Insight Extractor, known as Smartie, is a project between the Insight Centre for Data Analytics and The Irish Times to make an easy-to-use application for journalists to browse and extract important information for their articles depending on The Irish Times articles archives.
  • Kenny’s Advanced Browse

    The application is using Saffron, which is a framework for the extraction of knowledge from text with applications in expert finding, community detection, recommender systems, and enterprise search.
  • enrg-1024x632EnRG – Entity Relatedness Graph

    EnRG provides a ranked list of related entities for a given entity. It provides different aspects of related entities by categorizing them into different classes using their DBpedia type. (Semantic Similarity and Relatedness)