Kenny's Advanced Browse



The project was concerned with the following goals:

  1. Applying methods for extracting topics from book descriptions or reviews, in order to classify and retrieve them accordingly
  2. Applying methods for taxonomy extraction that automatically interconnects extracted topics in a graph-based navigational structure
  3. Applying methods for identifying related topics and books
  4. Applying methods for trend analysis of topics over time
  5. Creating a multi-level browsing application for book navigation
  6. Develop an easy to use web interface for book navigation using extracted topics and taxonomy



The application is using Saffron, which is a framework for the extraction of knowledge from text with applications in expert finding, community detection, recommender systems, and enterprise search. Saffron analysis is fully automatic and is based on text mining and linked data principles. Saffron algorithms include key-phrase extraction, entity linking, taxonomy extraction, expertise mining, and data visualization.

Web Application

We use the web interface of Saffron to link the website to our servers, where we created an interface based on Kenny’s colour scheme and feel, so users will have a consistent user experience, keeping it very simple and user-friendly to browse and then go back to the website to complete the purchase.


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