Smartie – The Irish Times Smart Insight Extractor


The Irish Times Smart Insight Extractor, known as Smartie, is a project between the Insight Centre for Data Analytics and The Irish Times to make an easy-to-use application for journalists to browse and extract important information for their articles depending on The Irish Times articles archives.
The application is divided into five sections, each of them represents a use-case for the project, the use-cases will be explained in detailed later.
We introduce briefly the use cases that were identified and then present a step-by-step walkthrough of the application interface.


The application uses different use-cases to help the user find the required information:

  1. Advanced Search and Browse:
    Browse The Irish Times archives using Saffron for more info about articles, topics and relatedness through years of publication and the trend chart view.
  2. Related Articles:
    Find a list of relevant articles from the IT archive, which can be reviewed and further filtered by the user to overcome the time-consuming task of searching for the relevant articles manually.
  3. Timeline:
    Inspect the collected articles from Briefcase in a timeline perspective.
  4. Features:
    Currently, journalists select features manually when writing a feature page. This use case seeks to provide automated support for this activity.
  5. Authors:
    Author information is missing for all the articles before 2013. This is an issue for journalists because sometimes they find it hard to find even their own articles written in the past. This use case seeks to automatically extract author details from article texts where possible.

These use-cases build upon the annotated archive and, in addition to the “Advanced Browse” functionality, are available to the journalistic user via the web interface at